Listen up, People ...

They say, never work with children or animals, well here at Baked Delights we do both! Do you want figures for your wedding cake that go way above the little plastic ones you can buy in the shop? Would you like figures to actually represent the happy couple? OR are you just looking to mimic some cartoon characters? Peppa pig maybe!

Models are all about time - small figures for birthdays for example can be handled within the normal few week booking time, however please appreciate that to sculpt and carve the larger type 'wedding cake' toppers takes hours of work, this needs to be allowed for so as not to lead to disappointment.
The larger the topper then the more structure it needs so there maybe dowels or cocktail sticks to act as a frame, otherwise they are all edible however to allow them to hold shape they would be very hard akin to fired clay

If you only need toppers as someone else is baking you a cake then we are still be happy to help. As well as wedding or confirmation figures we readily supply sets of novelties, for example:

farmyard animals, train with or without figures and even xmas cake toppers.

Drop us a line to enquire!

To give you a flavour ...